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Ideal for Bedrooms, Living room, Dining room, Meeting room, General office area, Office Pantries, Cafes, Restaurant dining areas, Childcare Centers, Classrooms, Clininc Waiting area.

- Facilitates Air Treatment in indoor spaces that does not have ventilation.

- Effective in eliminating lingering smells (such as kitchen smell leaks, food, etc.), VOCs, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and PM 2.5 particulates. (See TUV Test Results)

- Very low power at 50 W and can be wired to existing ceiling lights to power on/off together or connect directly with power supply. Remote Control Operated.

- Relatively low maintenance with a washable TiO2 catalyst filter, long life UVC and a replaceable activated carbon filter when used up.


Dimensions : 600 x 300 x 182mm (Outer)
: 560 x 260 x 182mm (Inner)
Treatment : Shinoe Patented PCO, UVGI, STI, Activated Carbon
: 4 level air treatment
UVC : Hot Cathod UVC Lamp
: (03 less than/= to 0.05ppm safe level)
Ion Generator : STI 50MPCS / CM3
CFM (High/Low) : 142 / 106
Operating Area : 15-20 SQM
Indicator Light : Green (Normal), Red (Faulty)
Noise Level (High/Low) : 40 / 25.5 DB
Power : 50 W
Voltage : 220 V
Weight : 8.25 KG
Installation : Ceiling Mounted / Hanging (Cassette Type)


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